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We Support Small Farmers!

Why Choose Us?

Ancient Indian Spices is a mission-driven seasoning company to help support small farmers in the US, Mexico and India. Our seasonings are exceptional quality, whole spices that are pan-toasted which intensifies their flavor, bringing out the aromatic oils and adding complexity to their taste by layering in a warm, toasty flavor. Ancient Indian Spices is demystifying Indian cuisine and cooking! Your purchase helps us support US-based farmers by purchasing their products for our seasonings and support Indian farmers through our sales.

Ancient Indian Spices offers exceptional quality seasonings such as chai masala, chaat (snack) masala, various regional curries, golden turmeric, tikka, tandoori, kormas, organic Indian teas, select Indian spices such as asofoetida, Himalayan pink salt, Indian long peppers, and gift sets.

About Us

Our family has deep roots in India  (especially South India) and we enjoy making fresh Indian food at home. A few years ago we began selling our homemade spices to help nonprofits, schools and farmers. It took off from there and now we're in specialty food markets, at food and wine events, at farmers markets, and of course online.  Deborah (mom) is the owner of the company and our son, Anil, has been making spices since he was five. Now he's twenty and is our Master Spice Maker who roasts, grinds and oversees production of our seasonings. Rob was born and raised in south India and has an affinity for that type of food and spices. He's our spice teacher. We all share a deep commitment to our planet and it's caretakers-especially farmers. Purchasing our products directly from small farmers in the US helps us support farmers in India and Mexico through our sales. So every time you purchase our products you help support farmers. Thank you!

* We have a free e-newsletter loaded with recipes and will soon have some mini-cook books available that you'll be able to purchase here on the website.